Got a few more records today. Adding to the collection that will, hopefully, someday be huuuuge.


i’m so happy i’m not spending another weekend in the hospital


I am just getting out of this dark mental state. This stage of depression was the deepest I’ve ever had, even though it shouldn’t have been. Nothing really traumatic happened. But thankfully I have been feeling better. Not saying I’m happy as fuck or anything like that, but I’m on an upward spiral.

I’m still with my baby Connor <3 not going to let this one go just yet.

actually there is something that is bothering me. my boyfriend has dated some pretty¬†extraordinary girls…

His first girlfriend that he dated has been on Varsity softball since freshman year, and just got accepted into Harvard.

And another one of his ex’s is President of my school’s student government, and on varsity cheer.

this makes me feel like shit, i can’t compete.

but at least he accepts me for me I guess. I just need to tell myself over and over again that he wants ME. Why should I be worried?

it’s the end of the 2012 election and i’m just happy talking to my baby. I don’t have anything to complain about right now, really.